PlayMais® is GREEN BRAND

PlayMais® was awarded in representative surveys for the sustainability label and quality seal GREEN BRAND and was able to convince the independent jury of its particular sustainability in an extensive validation process.

The GREEN BRAND award is received by brands (companies, products, service providers and personalities) that make a significant contribution to the protection of the environment, nature and the climate and thus deserve great respect and national as well as international recognition.

The GREEN BRAND jury especially highlighted the ecological awareness and the environmental-friendly production processes of PlayMais®.

For the PlayMais® inventor Hubert Loick and the entire team of the family-run company this sustainability award is a confirmation of the corporate philosophy that has been pursued and lived for more than 20 years and that is committed to a strong sense of responsibility for the preservation of the environment, resources and biodiversity.

We are delighted about this award and the goals we have achieved but we also take this as an incentive to become even more sustainable and to continue to develop ourselves and our brand PlayMais® positively. In this way, we ensure that our sustainable action is a process that stays constantly in motion – for a better future.