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Our vision

We are a young and efficient trading company distributing ecologically manufactured products. We place great emphasis on the sustainability of our product’s complete life cycle. This makes them particularly valuable. By manufacturing in Germany we guarantee our high quality standards.

Our goal: the responsible trade in innovative products based on sustainably cultivated, renewable raw materials.

With our products everyone is able to personally contribute to a livable future without having to forgo a high level of quality: The model for us is nature which already provides everything at its best.
Joachim Tewes, CEO Loick Trade GmbH

Our Company principles


We are committed to develop sustainable products in accordance with the entire cycle of nature.


We continually strive to offer innovative solutions and products.

Made in Germany

With our sustainable products “Made in Germany“ we continue to expand our presence in international markets and guarantee high quality standards.

Focusing on the customer

We do business responsibly, always focusing to meet the customers‘ needs.


We develop and enrich new markets with our creative ideas and our sustainable products


We are open to questions from employees, parents, children, consumers and other interested groups. Transparency is the key to responsible actions and economic activities.

Our goal

We are an efficient, likeable and creative trading company with innovative and sustainable products.

We remain at your disposal for any questions. Service is a major part of our philosophy.

We stand for brand building and development.

We constantly develop individual solutions with significant sustainable benefits as our customers‘ needs are very important for us.

We create an eco-friendly, sustainable, “green“ world of products to secure the future in this way.

We always strive to achieve a proper balance between ecology, economy and social issues. These are the three dimensions of sustainability.

Our sustainable products


PlayMais® is a natural crafting material made of corn (maize) starch and food colouring. It is 100% biodegradable, absolutely harmless to health and free from pollutants. It does not only foster creativity, motor skills and colour recognition but can also be used for therapeutic purposes.

FARMfill® bio granulate

The granulate is produced on the basis of maize which annually grows under sustainable conditions. It is a patented product and a high-quality preliminary stage of the FARMfill® packaging material. With the right technology the granulate can be foamed to packaging chips directly on customer’s premises. Of course, if you are interested, we will be happy to support you with the appropriate foaming and packaging technology – please feel free to contact us!

Find out more about  FARMfill® bio-granulate

FARMfill® packaging chips

FARMfill® Premium are top-class packaging chips. The filling material is a pourable, cylindrical cushioning material on the basis of corn completely biodegradable which can be disposed in the organic waste bin. FARMfill® is used as protection for products, for example cushioning and filling of dispatch boxes.

Find out more about FARMfill®

FARMfill® cushioning bags

The cushioning bags are made of paper filled with small FARMfill® Premium. The bags are available in different lengths, widths and strengths as well as unending chain with perforation. The cushioning bags are used as product protection – dust-free and antistatic.

Find out more about FARMfill® cushioning bags

FARMfill® purging balls

The new form of purging gas lock – purging balls made of corn starch. This innovation has been developed to provide water soluble locks in pipes of an inner diameter from 20 – 25 mm so that the use of purging paper will no longer be necessary.

Find out more about FARMfill® purging balls

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